Redlands-Pioneer Business Center, Technical Studies for an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Client: ProLogis

Location: County of San Bernardino, CA

ProLogis was requesting approval of a Conditional Use Permit for the development of an industrial business center in San Bernardino County.  The Redlands-Pioneer Business Center will consisted of five speculative concrete tilt-up industrial buildings constructed in a single phase.  

  • Building 7 is the largest of the five buildings proposed, and would consist of 854,270 square feet;
  • Building 8 consists of 193,360 square-foot (4.4 acres), situated on the northeast corner of the project site;
  • Building 9A, consists of 30,256 square-foot consisting of 30,256 square feet, and is located on the northwest corner of the project site; 
  • Building 9B consists of 30,980 square feet of area, and is a speculative industrial   concrete tilt-up building; and
  • Building 9C is the smallest building within the proposed industrial facility, consisting of 27,109 square feet. 

The project site is located on 54.06 gross acres, and is south of the Santa Ana River, north of Pioneer Avenue, west of State Route 30, and east of Alabama Street in the City.

UltraSystems, under contract to ProLogis prepared technical studies (i.e., air quality, noise, and biological assessments) for their Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration.