Client Testimonials

“I will personally make sure that the hard work and effort that UltraSystems has shown with the expedited San Diego Creek request is reflected in the scoring/evaluation and that UltraSystems will definitely move up in the ranking.”
- Vinh Tran, P.E., Civil Engineer
Project Management, RDMD
County of Orange
“Betsy, indeed it was a pleasure working with you and the staff of UltraSystems over the last three years.  You folks did a very good job for us under the ENO70 contract.  You were always very responsive, technically proficient and reasonable in costs.  You have played a major role in facilitating Metro's construction program.  I will look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.”
- Carl Peter Ripaldi
Principal Environmental Specialist
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
“I really appreciate the hard work and the quality of work that you and your staff at UltraSystems do.  Over the past few years, I have been very impressed with UltraSystems' work ethics, comprehensiveness, thoroughness of documents, and responsiveness to clients' and communities' needs (note that this observation includes my tenure at LAUSD as well, where we worked on several of the District's new schools projects). 

Hopefully we will get to work more on some of our upcoming projects within the downtown area, as you guys were very much involved with preparation of most of the original CEQA documents for the Bunker Hill Redevelopment Project, which financed housing and other redevelopment projects within the City.”
- Dr. Robert Manford
Senior Planner, Environmental Review Unit
Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles
“Throughout the years and the numerous projects that you and your staff have worked on for our Department, it has always been a great working relationship.  I genuinely respect your technical knowledge and professionalism in the outstanding work that was provided.  I look forward to continued success in working together on future projects.”
- Sarah D. Scott
Programs Development Division
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
"I enjoyed working with you again on the Colorscape greenwaste project.  Michael Rogozen has great attention to detail, and did a fine job on the draft of the IS/MND.  I look forward to finalizing the work product with Merced County, so my client can obtain their Conditional Use Permit and other related permits to operate.  I hope we can work together on future endeavors.”
- Kenneth J. Pretell, REA;
Environmental / Regulatory Affairs Consultant
"This message is to convey my sincere gratitude to UltraSystems during the processing of the additional CEQA environmental documentation for the Sunshine Canyon Landfill in Los Angeles County. 

In my then-capacity as the head of the environmental review section for the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning and as project manager for the environmental documentation on the case, you and your staff were always professional, knowledgeable, and timely in the assistance you brought to the preparation of a circulated Addendum to both the City of Los Angeles and the County for previous EIRs on the landfill, a very controversial project. 

During the more than three years it took to get the project to a public hearing, because of the project's sensitivity and contentiousness, it was a pleasant experience  working directly with you and your staff.  This project would not have easily finished the case processing without your very able assistance. Although I am no longer employed with Los Angeles County, I would not hesitate to collaborate on future projects with UltraSystems."
- Daryl Koutnik
Managing Principal, Biological Sciences
(Formerly Supervising Regional Planning, Impact Analysis Section, Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning)
“With the large scale project and the monitoring effort necessary to comply with State and local requirements as well as standard construction monitoring issues, UltraSystems was able to react quickly to the projects needs with augmented staff as necessary.”
– Gary Sycalik
Resident Engineer, Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project Phase 7, KDG Development & Construction Consulting
Once provided with the Notice to Proceed, UltraSystems performed their environmental services with minimal technical direction.  All work was performed as required in a method that promoted accuracy, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and timely Caltrans approval for projects with Federal Funding.
– Bill Zimmerman, P.E., T.E., PTOE,
President, W.G. Zimmerman Engineering
The Capistrano Unified School District originally contracted with UltraSystems to provide various environmental documents for large and small projects throughout our school district.  In addition to the categorical exemptions that were processed by your team, the most challenging of reports was the large-scale, bus reduction Mitigated Negative Declaration that was prepared and certified as final within a very short time frame.  Critical to this study was the complete analysis of potential regional impacts associated with a greatly reduced busing program that needed to be final prior to the start of the school year.
Not only has the performance of work been outstanding, I personally have found the staff with UltraSystems to be very pleasant and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend the services of UltraSystems to other agencies.
– Cary Brockman
Director, Facilities Planning, Capistrano USD
Project:  Narco Channel Report, “I find the report exciting, fascinating and awesome.”
- Rory Paster
Permit Manager, OC Public Works, Regulatory Permits Section
I want to take my hat off to you and your team.  Completing these reports and submitting them on time is a huge milestone for our entire Anaheim to Los Angeles team! 
Please accept my thanks for the accomplishment.  While the project has presented many challenges, our collective team continues to make progress and provide evidence that the High Speed Train Project in California is moving forward!  With gratitude
David M. Thomson, PE
Vice President, STV Incorporated.
“It was a pleasure working with Ultra Systems on the Arlington Heights Sports Park environmental process.  Your professionalism, responsiveness and technical proficiency was a great asset in helping the City of Riverside complete the initial study, MND, and other CEQA documentation.  We look forward to working with you in the future.”
– Randy McDaniel
Project Manager, City of Riverside, Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department.
“UltraSystems participated in a flawless job in preparing an impenetrable (by legal action) CEQA document for the Sunshine Canyon project in the county of Los Angeles.”
- Daryl Koutnik
(Formerly Supervising Regional Planning, Impact Analysis Section, Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning)
“You did an excellent job protecting the public's interest and University's concern with costs.
- Steinar Sire
University of California, Irvine