California High-Speed Rail Project, Anaheim to Los Angeles Section, Orange and Los Angeles Counties, CA

Client: California High-Speed Rail Authority, Federal Rail Administration

Location: Orange and Los Angeles Counties, CA

UltraSystems was one of the first technical subcontractor teams to prepare environmental documentation for California’s High-Speed Train project. The California High-Speed Rail Authority plans to spend $43 billion to build a 465-mile route from San Francisco to Anaheim by 2020. UltraSystems is assisting in the preparation of a Project-Level Environmental Impact Study for the Los Angeles to Anaheim section of the system. The purpose of the EIR/EIS is to evaluate the environmental effects of constructing and operating a high-speed train between Los Angeles Union Station and the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) and along the LOSSAN Corridor.

The EIR/EIS document:

  • Tiers from an approved statewide Program EIR/EIS
  • Addresses State and federal environmental requirements
  • Considers environmental impacts at a site-specific level of detail
  • Evaluates the corridor alignment selected in the Program EIR/EIS
  • Analyzes various project alternatives (including numerous local grade-separation projects)

UltraSystems prepared the environmental-setting portions of the following document sections in the EIR/EIS:

  • Biological resource surveys and wetlands;
  • Air quality studies, analysis, and technical documentation;
  • Cumulative impact assessments;
  • Parks and recreational facilities, Section 4(f);
  • Historical and archaeological resource studies, Section 106;
  • Paleontological resources.