Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Emissions

UltraSystems provides a wide range of air quality regulatory and compliance services. Our staff experience encompasses a variety of source types, ranging from minor source permitting and compliance issues to major source permitting and refined impact analysis. Our air quality assessments analyze the potential for air quality impacts resulting from the planned development and propose mitigation measures to offset potentially significant impacts, as necessary. Assessments include:

  • Potential short-term construction emissions as well as long-term operational related emissions based on proposed land use and the project traffic study.
  • Regional air quality and land use assumptions and evaluation of potential for carbon monoxide (CO) “hotspots” to nearby existing and future sensitive receptors.

UltraSystems’s air quality services also include analysis of greenhouses gases (GHG) per Assembly Bill (AB) 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006), including:

  • Preparing baseline and ongoing inventories of direct and indirect GHG emissions
  • Preparing submittals to the California Climate Action Registry
  • Complying with Air Resources Board mandatory reporting requirements (for stationary combustion sources emitting over 25,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, or co-generation/electric power facilities with a total generating capacity of at least 1 MW that emit 2,500 metric tons of CO2 or more per year)
  • Developing customized software so that you can update your inventory every year
  • Formulating strategies for decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Keeping you up-to-date on changing GHG regulations and programs