Solid Waste

UltraSystems has over 22 years providing environmental support to the solid waste industry. We focus on the delivery of concise packages of environmental information at key planning and project stages:

  • Land acquisition and feasibility: Targeted environmental scoping and risk assessment service
  • Pre-planning: Preparation of individual environmental reports, from flood risk assessment and tree surveys, through to full EIR and EIS production
  • Post planning: Discharge of environmental planning conditions, e.g. landscape design and planting plans, protected species mitigation
  • Operation: Ongoing project support through the operational phase, including ecology services and environmental compliance monitoring
  • Restoration: Landscape design and management for restoration. Habitat and wetland design works and creation

UltraSystems works with a wide range of waste-related organizations and sectors, including waste management companies, waste hauling companies and landfills. We help private and public-sector clients define and achieve environmental and social best practices related to effective and efficient waste management.

We also assist with new environmental permits or variations to existing permits, as well as providing environmental training to employees who are required to have a basic or more complex understanding of environmental issues, at both a site and corporate level.


Betsy Lindsay


Ms. Lindsay is the founder of UltraSystems. She has led the firm’s growth by focusing on quality and a service-driven approach for its clients. Ms. Lindsay brings over 30 years of experience managing or providing principal oversight of environmental documents for various types of projects. Her primary responsibilities include business and project management, contract administration, resource allocation and quality control.



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