Geographic Information Systems (GIS )

The UltraSystems Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department uses spatial analysis and mapping techniques to analyze natural resources such as biological resources, land use coverage, topography, hydrology, geology and artifact densities in relation to specific project features. We have the capabilities to convert various data types such as AutoCAD or MicroStation to GIS for customized mapping as well as map book and map atlas creation. Our GIS capabilities enable us to locate, record and present significant amounts of project data, and perform sophisticated modeling and spatial analysis to guide decision-making for site development. We use tools such as the Esri ArcGIS Desktop/ArcGIS Pro, Trimble High-precision Global Positioning Systems (GPS), ArcGIS Online and Collector application, and large format plotter printing. At UltraSystems, we provide the technology in conjunction with the environmental expertise to meet project expectations.

GIS Services:

  • GIS Project Management
  • GIS Data Creation, Design, and Analysis
  • Customized Cartography and Graphic Services
  • Project Specific Web Mapping
  • Demographic Data Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analyses using GIS
  • Data Acquisition and Research
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile Mapping
  • GPS Training and Support
  • High-Precision GPS Data Collection
  • Drone Photography, Survey and Data Collection
  • Tablet Data Collection
  • Data Conversion Between Various Platforms
  • 3D Visualization and Simulations
  • Database Design and Maintenance
  • Training and Technical Support