Water and Wastewater

We provide strategic and detailed advice to water company clients in support of their water resource plans and proposals. Working closely with clients, co-consultants and engineers, we are experienced in successfully managing the interface between water resource planning processes and procedures, and the community planning system. We act as environmental planning consultants on water resource systems, pipelines, reservoirs and treatment infrastructure.

In the wastewater industry, UltraSystems has been instrumental in assisting clients to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of state and federal legislation. By their very nature, wastewater projects can be complex and politically controversial. We work closely with client teams, engineering and other environmental consultants in the design, environmental assessment, consultation, promotion and consenting of projects.


Betsy Lindsay


Ms. Lindsay is the founder of UltraSystems. She has led the firm’s growth by focusing on quality and a service-driven approach for its clients. Ms. Lindsay brings over 30 years of experience managing or providing principal oversight of environmental documents for various types of projects. Her primary responsibilities include business and project management, contract administration, resource allocation and quality control.



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