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County of Los Angeles

Map Point or Line Select List of County of Los Angeles Completed Projects
1 Pine Canyon Road Improvement Project
2 Elizabeth Lake Road Rehabilitation Project
3 Airport Master Plan Update for General William J. Fox Airfield Lancaster
4 East Avenue O Bike Path Biological Inventory
5 Soledad Canyon Road Slope Restoration/Protection Project
6 Mitigation Monitoring Services – Sunshine Canyon
7 San Fernando High School Teen Center
8 Environmental Services for Whiteman Airport Master Plan Update
9 Roadside Drive Bridge Widening – Technical Study
10 JAG Projects
11 Los Angeles River Regional Bike Path
12 Emerald Meadows Ranch Specific Plan Feasibility Analysis and Environmental Impact Report
13 Hotel Angeleno Noise Measurements
14 9160-9176 Sunset Boulevard Project
15 Hollywood Target GHG Emissions
16 Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct Complex Project
17 IS/MND for Stoneview Nature Center
18 Brownsfield Study
19 Oro Vista Residential Project
20 Century High School
21 EIR Chadwick Ranch Estates
22 Mitigation Project – Conservation of Southern Tarplant – Los Angeles World Airports
23 Inglewood Metro Rail Station Ammonia Exposure Analysis
24 Inglewood Avenue Corridor Widening Project
25 South Gate Urban Orchard Demonstration Project
26 IS/MND Commerce Project
27 Citrus Heights North Specific Plan
28 Slauson Avenue Bridge Project
29 Marriott Residence Inn Hotel
30 Pine Canyon Road Reconstruction
31 MWD PCCP Exploratory Testing and Planning
32 MWD Pipeline Rehabilitation
33 IS/MND for Boundary Change between County of Los Angeles & Kern