Citrus Heights North Specific Plan, Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

UltraSystems was retained to consult on preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for this development. On this EIR project assignment, UltraSystems provided technical studies for cultural resources, noise, air quality.

As envisioned, the project consisted of 1,207 homes on about 163 acres.  One portion covered 80.5 acres containing an Edison right-of-way, a park for youth sports, and private recreation uses, detention basins, and a primary street right-of-way.  An additional 10 acres of the project site, on the northwest corner of Citrus and Summit avenues, was proposed for approximately 100,000 square feet of retail and commercial use, and another 10 acres at the northeast corner of Lytle Creek Road and Summit Avenue was proposed for 10,000 square feet.  The gross site area addressed in the EIR was 270 acres.