Emerald Meadows Ranch Specific Plan Feasibility Analysis and Environmental Impact Report

The proposed Specific Plan provided flexibility regarding the commercial portion of the property.  The Plan included provisions for the development of a commercial retail center of approximately 50 acres.  However, should the +/-50 acre commercial retail center be deemed impracticable by either of the co-applicants, a smaller 17-acre commercial center was permitted, with the remaining 33 acres to be developed for residential uses, subject to the requirements of the Specific Plan.  The total maximum estimated residential dwelling units were 1,350. The Specific Plan involved the relocation and/or abandonment of existing streets and utilities within the project boundary.  As a summary, the project objectives were as follows:

  • Reinforce the goals of the County of Riverside General Plan and Jurupa Area Plan;
  • Promote the revitalization of the area in coordination with the Riverside Economic Development Agency through an increased tax base, creation of jobs and provisions for quality housing;
  • Provide a high quality shopping center to meet the needs of the area;
  • Provide a variety of quality housing of various styles and prices that are responsive to the needs of the community;
  • Provide an elementary school site and parks that are well integrated into the community;
  • Provide opportunities for walking and bicycling between residential neighborhoods to shopping, parks, church and the elementary school within the community; and
  • Provide connections to the future regional trail system along the Santa Ana River corridor.

UltraSystems prepared a feasibility analysis and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Emerald Meadows Ranch Specific Plan. The proposed development included approximately 279 acres bounded by Rubidoux Boulevard to the west, 34th Street to the south, State Route 60 to the north, and the Santa Ana River to the east. UltraSystems’ feasibility analysis concluded that the project would provide a major benefit to the area, producing jobs, a variety of housing alternatives, and a major increase in the tax base for the area.