Cameron Ranch Residential Development

UltraSystems Environmental Inc. (UltraSystems) is preparing the EIR and technical documents for this residential development. As part of the biological technical studies, UltraSystems conducted a multi-phase jurisdictional water surveys to accurately identify and map the location, size, and extent of wetlands, hydrophytic vegetation, soil saturation, ponded water, hydric (anaerobic) soils, streambeds, banks and channels, recent water flow, areas of scour, and connectivity to larger tributaries within 687 acres of undeveloped mountainous terrain west of State Route 243 at Poppet Flats Road in Riverside County, California. In August 2013, the Silver Fire burned approximately 80% of local vegetation, and portions of the project area were resurveyed in 2015. The proposed project would include 154 residential properties and infrastructure on approximately 163 acres of mostly chaparral habitat.