We ensure the consistency and quality of our work through our investment in our teams that include over 30 consultants and support staff. 

Our reputation for high quality and responsive environmental support is attributable entirely to the dedication and skills of our staff.

Betsy Lindsay

Betsy Lindsay


Ms. Lindsay is the founder and chief executive of UltraSystems Environmental.  A building industry veteran, she has 30 years of experience in environmental planning and permitting, preparing more than 400 environmental documents.  Her background includes managing over 20 on-call professional service contracts for public agencies, which have included hundreds of projects.

At UltraSystems, her day-to-day responsibilities include business and project management, contract administration, resource allocation and quality control.  She is responsible for overall project management, the preparation and processing of CEQA/NEPA documents, and associated entitlement obligations for large-scale public and private infrastructure projects.

Mike Lindsay

Mike Lindsay

Operations Manager

As operations manager, Mr. Lindsay oversees human resources, contracts and hiring, computer and software assets, IT management and facility operations.  Mr. Lindsay is also the firm’s QA/QC officer, and has been specially trained in UltraSystems’ project management and QA/QC programs.

He reviews deliverables prior to submission to the client, and periodically reviews each overall project to make certain that UltraSystems’ and the client’s high professional standards are being achieved.  Another function that Mr. Lindsay provides is overall document control and security, including password protected file transfers using our secure FTP directory.  Mr. Lindsay is also an experienced air quality and noise impact scientist, who provides modeling and analysis to support CEQA and NEPA documentation.

Michael Rogozen, D.Env.

Michael Rogozen, D.Env.

Senior Principal Engineer

Dr. Rogozen heads the UltraSystems air and noise practice, and has 39 years of experience in project management, health risk assessment, air and industrial wastewater permitting, carbon footprint studies, ambient monitoring, dispersion modeling, pollution control technology assessment, economic analysis of air pollution control alternatives, air toxics emission inventory development, offsite consequence analysis, environmental database design, survey design and management, source test design and analysis, railroad noise investigations, regulatory analysis, water resources studies, and technical writing and editing.

Dr. Rogozen is responsible for consulting, technical project management and business development.  He has assisted industrial and governmental clients in complying with federal and local air quality regulations.  His work has included managing air compliance audits, preparing applications for permits to construct and operate (including Title V permits), annual emissions reports, and responses to notices to comply and notices of violation.  He has also conducted many health risk assessments under AB2588, Proposition 65 and SCAQMD Rule 1401.  Dr. Rogozen serves as lead quality assurance officer for UltraSystems’ submittals.

Margaret Partridge

Margaret Partridge

Senior Project Manager

Ms. Partridge is a planner with 14 years of experience in community and environmental planning. She has experience in both the public and private sectors as a city planner and as an environmental planner for residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and specific plan projects. Ms. Partridge’s areas of expertise include CEQA, EIRs, Initial Studies, MNDs, and land use research. She is certified as a LEED Green Associate, as an ENV SP, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Ms. Partridge is trained in environmental analysis for a variety of project types and has experience conducting current planning and permit work for local cities.
Susan Ahn

Susan Ahn

Environmental Planner

Susan Ahn has held various planning positions in both the private industry and for public agencies. Ms. Ahn has 18 years of experience preparing and coordinating the preparation of environmental documents to meet CEQA and NEPA compliance. Ms. Ahn has managed various projects and coordinated personnel conducting analysis and site surveys on biological and hazardous materials projects. Ms. Ahn has also conducted peer review and editing of MND sections and Response to Comments documents involved in several Final Environmental Impact Reports.
Michelle Tollett

Michelle Tollett

Senior Biologist/ Biological Resources Group Manager

Ms. Tollett has 19 years of experience as a field and consulting biologist working with private companies and public agencies throughout California and the Rocky Mountains. She is the Lead Senior Biologist and Group Manager at UltraSystems Environmental in Irvine, California. Her responsibilities include managing the Biological Resources Team; supervising and mentoring staff biologists; delegating work assignments; managing budgets and project schedules; reviewing document preparation; interacting with client and resource agency representatives; developing mitigation site design with landscape contractors; preparing and conducting environmental awareness training.

Ms. Tollett is familiar with the regulatory framework to prepare defensible biological resources technical reports and environmental documents including biological constraints surveys, reconnaissance-level field surveys, wetland delineations, CRAM assessments, focused special-status species surveys, and habitat mitigation and monitoring plans.

Ms. Tollett’s industry experience includes oil and gas transmission lines, energy transmission lines, wind and solar renewable energy, private development, transportation, flood control, military base, mineral mining, and conservation-oriented projects.

Prior to her biological consulting experience, she worked in the Channel Islands National Park as a naturalist. Ms. Tollett continues to volunteer with non-profit groups to educate local community members through citizen-based science and serves as a high school science fair judge each year for the Newport Bay Conservancy.

Billye Breckenridge

Billye Breckenridge

Project Manager/ GIS Spatial Analyst

As a project manager and lead for our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) group, Ms. Breckenridge evaluates project environmental impacts for significance by utilizing thresholds set forth in regulatory documents.  She manages projects and prepares environmental documents, including Initial Studies and Preliminary Environmental Studies based on the provisions of CEQA and NEPA.

In her role with UltraSystems, Ms. Breckenridge acts as a liaison between environmental monitors and project management.  Her GIS experience extends to data management, cartography, ArcGIS extensions and geoprocessing tools.  Specifically, Ms. Breckenridge’s GIS skills include file conversion from various data sources (e.g. AutoCAD, Google Earth and Coverage) to GIS; manipulating and digitizing data including parcels; utilizing census socioeconomic data for graphical presentation; and utilizing geoprocessing tools to analyze project impacts.  Her responsibilities include project management, data acquisition, cartographical analysis and map creation.

Alan Gold

Alan Gold

Cultural Resource Director

Dr. Garfinkel Gold has 35 years of experience in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, cultural resources management, environmental project management, Native American consultation and coordination, and public outreach.  He has prepared numerous documents for both CEQA and NEPA compliance and has served as principal investigator on more than 350 projects complying with state and federal historic preservation laws (CEQA and NEPA).

Dr. Gold conducts pedestrian inventories or Phase I surveys, site excavations (Phase II) and Phase III data recovery programs including late discovery, systematic site investigations, and ethnographic and archaeological studies with Native American consultants identifying Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs) and Sacred Sites.  His projects have been completed for a variety of different clients in commercial development, public education, transportation, renewable energy, and oil and gas exploration and extraction.  Dr. Gold has been involved in cultural resource projects in the United States in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, and overseas in Mexico, Israel and Russia.

Stephen O’Neil

Stephen O’Neil

Cultural Resource Manager

Mr. O’Neil’s responsibilities include management of cultural resources tasks for multiple projects, writing and QA/QC of technical documents, coordinating field surveys and construction monitoring, and leading field efforts for historic and prehistoric site excavations and analysis.

Mr. O’Neil has a broad scope of environmental consulting responsibilities and experiences, ranging from general project management and technical writing to prehistoric site excavation and construction monitoring.  He has worked on projects with clients in both the public and private sectors—including alternative energy, energy transmission, U.S. Forest Service, parks, public works and water resources.  He has a wide range of expertise in Phase I and Phase II Cultural Resource Inventories, archaeological, historical and paleontological survey assessments, and cultural background studies for various EIR projects.  Mr. O’Neil has experience with many cultural resource management firms, as well as government agencies and Native American entities.

Mr. O’Neil has authored and coauthored numerous technical reports, and conducted surveys and monitoring in compliance with NEPA, CEQA and other federal, state, regional, and local laws and regulations.  Mr. O’Neil is an active member in the field of cultural resources—he is a board member of the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society and the Orange County Natural History Museum Foundation.  He is also a member of the Society for California Archaeology.

Bob Reicher

Bob Reicher


Mr. Reicher has been active in the real estate industry since 1970, holding positions with major developers and builders. He has served as an advisor and consultant to many prominent builders, developers, major corporations, lenders, and government agencies throughout the nation and has provided expert witness and litigation support services for both public and private sector entities. In addition to serving as an independent consultant with his own firm, Mr. Reicher has been a Principal with Market Profiles and with Economics Research Associates. He has also directed the regional real estate consulting practice of Deloitte, a Big Four management consulting and accounting firm. He also served as Director of Market Research and Land Acquisition for a major multi-market residential builder and developer.

“I will personally make sure that the hard work and effort that UltraSystems has shown with the expedited San Diego Creek request is reflected in the scoring/evaluation, and that UltraSystems will definitely move up in the ranking.”

– Vinh Tran, P.E., Civil Engineer
Project Management, RDMD
County of Orange

“Betsy, indeed it was a pleasure working with you and the staff of UltraSystems over the last three years.  You folks did a very good job for us under the ENO70 contract.  You were always very responsive, technically proficient and reasonable in costs.  You have played a major role in facilitating Metro's construction program.  I will look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.”

– Carl Peter Ripaldi
Principal Environmental Specialist
Metropolitan Transportation Authority

“I really appreciate the hard work and the quality of work that you and your staff at UltraSystems do.  Over the past few years, I have been very impressed with UltraSystems' work ethics, comprehensiveness, thoroughness of documents, and responsiveness to clients' and communities' needs.”

– Dr. Robert Manford, Ph. D, REA
Senior Planner, Environmental Review Unit
Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles

“Throughout the years and the numerous projects that you and your staff have worked on for our Department, it has always been a great working relationship.  I genuinely respect your technical knowledge and professionalism in the outstanding work that was provided.  I look forward to continued success in working together on future projects.”

– Sarah D. Scott
Programs Development Division
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

“This message is to convey my sincere gratitude to UltraSystems during the processing of the additional CEQA environmental documentation for the Sunshine Canyon Landfill in Los Angeles County.  You and your staff were always professional, knowledgeable, and timely in the assistance you brought to the preparation of a circulated Addendum to both the City of Los Angeles and the County for previous EIRs on the landfill, a very controversial project.”

– Daryl Koutnik
Managing Principal, Biological Sciences, Supervising Regional Planning
LA County Department of Regional Planning

“With the large-scale project and the monitoring effort necessary to comply with state and local requirements as well as standard construction monitoring issues, UltraSystems was able to react quickly to the project’s needs with augmented staff as necessary.”

– Gary Sycalik
Resident Engineer, Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project Phase 7
KDG Development & Construction Consulting

“Once provided with the Notice to Proceed, UltraSystems performed their environmental services with minimal technical direction.  All work was performed as required in a method that promoted accuracy, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and timely Caltrans approval for projects with Federal Funding.”

– Bill Zimmerman, P.E., T.E., PTOE
W.G. Zimmerman Engineering

“Not only has the performance of work been outstanding, I personally have found the staff with UltraSystems to be very pleasant and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend the services of UltraSystems to other agencies.”

– Cary Brockman
Director, Facilities Planning
Capistrano USD

Project: Narco Channel Report, “I find the report exciting, fascinating and awesome.”

– Rory Paster
Permit Manager, Regulatory Permits Section
OC Public Works

“I want to take my hat off to you and your team.  Completing these reports and submitting them on time is a huge milestone for our entire Anaheim to Los Angeles team!”

 David M. Thomson, PE
Vice President
STV Incorporated

“It was a pleasure working with UltraSystems on the Arlington Heights Sports Park environmental process.  Your professionalism, responsiveness and technical proficiency was a great asset in helping the City of Riverside complete the initial study, MND, and other CEQA documentation.  We look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Randy McDaniel
Project Manager, Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department
City of Riverside

“UltraSystems participated in a flawless job in preparing an impenetrable (by legal action) CEQA document for the Sunshine Canyon Landfill project in the County of Los Angeles.”

– Daryl Koutnik
Supervising Regional Planning, Impact Analysis Section
Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning

“You did an excellent job protecting the public's interest and University's concern with costs.”

– Steinar Sire
University of California, Irvine

“UltraSystems has consistently performed at a very high level, producing work of the highest caliber.  We have found them to approach their work with a positive “can-do” attitude.  For the AMLI Uptown Orange project, UltraSystems prepared a thorough MND under extreme time pressures without sacrificing quality or detail.”

– Mark Hickner, AICP
Planning and Entitlement Director
KTGY Group, Inc.

“Thank you for putting together the “Jurisdictional Waters and Upland Habitats Impact Table” for the Huntington Bridges Preventive Maintenance Project.  I thought it was very well thought out and very easy to understand – even for an engineer!  Thank you for your perseverance on this project.”

– Jonathan Claudio
Project Engineer
City of Huntington Beach

“Your staff was diligent and consciences in completing the scope of work on time and within budget.  The IUSD thanks UltraSystems for your effort and professionalism.”

– Ana Gonzalez
Supervisor, Facilities Planning
Irvine USD

“The work UltraSystems provided was delivered and completed in a professional manner, on time and within budget.  Their efforts and service were greatly appreciated, and the District would be most receptive to future opportunities to do business with them again.”

– Keith Matsuo
Director, Facilities & Construction
Alhambra USD

“To date, we have retained UltraSystems as an environmental consultant on high profile projects, and will continue to do so as we are confident in their technical abilities and knowledge.”

– Cary Brockman
Director, Facilities Planning
Capistrano USD

“The rigorous environmental and regulatory planning and permitting procedure is much more manageable with UltraSystems’ participation and guidance.”

– Rory Paster
Environmental Engineering Specialist, Projects & Regulatory Permits Unit
OC Public Works

“UltraSystems played a crucial role in obtaining a conditional use permit…in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.”

– Michael Francis
Attorney at Law
Demetriou, Del Guercio, Springer & Francis, LLP

“UltraSystems’ staff is professional, provides reports in a timely manner, and is responsive to any inquires or requests from City and County staff.”

– Maria Masis, AICP
Supervising Planner
LA County Regional Planning

“The City of Dana Point has enjoyed a positive working relationship with UltraSystems over the last several years.  UltraSystems demonstrated both professionalism and responsiveness to City staff throughout the duration of the project.  Ultimately, a very comprehensive and defensible EIR was produced, which was well received within the community.”

– Erica Demkowicz, AICP
Senior Planner
City of Dana Point

“Caltrans District 12 environmental reviewer seemed favorably impressed with your work, and specifically asked me for the name of the consultant who prepared the PES.  So yes, I think we would very much like to work with your organization again.”

– Sean Nazarie, P.E.
Director of Engineering
CNC Engineering

“For each of these tasks, your staff was responsive to our needs, and completed quality work in an efficient and professional manner.  The dedication and work effort to accommodate the District schedules and deadlines are much appreciated.  Each task was completed with the approved budgets.”

– John Eclevia
Director, FMOT
Los Alamitos USD

“Professional service to address immediate needs onsite.  Excellent services; would use again in the future.”

– Steven Ross
Project Manager
Everstrong Construction

“I have always been very happy with the services by UltraSystems to our Planning Group here at Willdan.  We will certainly keep you at the top of the list of biological resources subconsultants (although we know you have service capabilities in many additional areas).”

– Dean Sherer, AICP, ENV SP
Director of Planning
Willdan Engineering

“Contractor attentive to on-the-ground requirements, committed to avoiding concerns related to habitat sensitivity, application of pesticides, etc.  Public outreach component was well executed and helped to avoid potential issues.”

– Daniel Sulzer
Assistant Chief, Planning Division

“The work UltraSystems provided was delivered and completed in a professional manner, on time and within budget. Their efforts and service were greatly appreciated and the City of Fontana Planning Division would be receptive to future opportunities to do business with them again.”

– Brett Hamilton
Associate Planner, Planning Division
City of Fontana

“Betsy Lindsay and her staff have displayed a high degree of reliability, responsibility, and energy. The firm completed both projects in compliance with the schedule. The projects were also successful in completing all the contracted duties and were reliable in meeting staff's expectations.”

– Jeff Anderson, ACIP
Planning Director
City of West Covina

“Thank you for your excellent work and partnership over the last several years. Hope we can work together again soon!”

– Hayley J. Lovan
Chief, Ecosystem Planning Section
Los Angeles District, USACE

“UltraSystems has performed very well for OC Public Works for many years and I would hire this firm again.”

– James R. Volz, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer, Infrastructure Programs / Regulatory Permits
OC Public Works

“You all did an outstanding job!  Thanks for your help.”

– Candida Neal, AICP
Planning Manager
City of Santa Ana

“I want to thank you again for the excellent service that was provided. I too hope that we have the opportunity to work together again on future projects.”

– Pedro Gomez
Associate Planner
City of Santa Ana

“Great, thank you for Ultra System’s great efforts on meeting this milestone. Much appreciated.”

– Bomee Yoon
Facilities Coordinator
Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District