Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis – Hollywood Target Store

UltraSystems prepared a comprehensive inventory of direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from a proposed commercial center consisting of a Target store, restaurant and other commercial uses.  UltraSystems estimated project-related direct and indirect energy requirements, and calculated emissions from onsite and offsite combustion sources that would result from electric power requirements for transporting water, wastewater treatment, and other project-related needs.  Project waste streams were identified, and landfill emissions from these waste streams were quantified using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Landfill Gas Emissions Model (LandGEM). Projected GHG emissions were compared to emissions under a “business as usual” (BAU) scenario.  The BAU scenario assesses conditions where GHG reduction measures required under Assembly Bill (AB 32) and other California regulations would be implemented.  Working closely with Target Corporation sustainability staff, UltraSystems then evaluated numerous emission reduction measures to estimate the emission savings compared to the BAU scenario.