Roadside Drive Bridge Widening

The Caltrans Division of Local Assistance District 7 (Caltrans) and City of Agoura Hills Department of Public Works (City) proposed to widen an existing bridge (Roadside Bridge, Br. No. 53C0290) and approach roadway to improve traffic operations on Roadside Drive and adjacent local roads, and to rehabilitate the existing bridge to satisfy current seismic guidelines. Because the Biological Study Area (BSA) contained a waterway and native habitat, a Jurisdictional Delineation, Jurisdictional Delineation Report, Biological Assessment, Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) and a Natural Environmental Study (NES) were completed. Results of the field surveys indicated two special-status plant and eight special-status wildlife species would be indirectly impacted by construction activities. Pre-construction surveys for avian species was necessary to avoid and minimize impacts if construction activities occurred during the nesting season for both bird and bat species. Best management practices (BMPs) were recommended to avoid or minimize direct, indirect and cumulative impacts to the remaining species, and to prevent invasive plant species infestation. The project also required federal and State permits pursuant to the Clean Water Act, Lake and Streambed Alteration Program, the California Fish and Wildlife Code, or the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act.