Marriott Residence Inn, Mitigated Negative Declaration

Under contract to the Port of Long Beach (POLB) UltraSystems prepared an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for a proposed Marriott Residence Inn.  The project applicant, Ensemble Hotels, had applied for a Harbor Development Permit to construct a new Marriott Residence Inn at 600 Queensway and to make improvements to the Coast Hotel located at 700 Queensway in the Port.  The planned Marriott Residence Inn would be an 11-story, 176-guest room hotel.

The project site is located in the Queensway Bay Harbor Planning District in the Port.  The Planning District serves as the POLB’s recreational corridor and buffer zone between the Port’s industrial uses and the commercial, recreational, and institutional uses in downtown Long Beach to the northeast.

The proposed project consisted of two individual projects that are located on properties that immediately abut one another in the Port of Long Beach.  The Marriott Residence Inn would be located on the site of the now closed Naga Restaurant. The proposed project includes the demolition of the now closed Naga Restaurant building and parking lot, and the removal of the landscaping.  The western portion of the project site is the former location of the Quiet Cannon Restaurant (later known as the Cannons Restaurant), which was constructed in 1975.  After the Quiet Cannon Restaurant closed in the 1990s, the Naga Restaurant operated on the site until it closed in 2004.

As part of the MND for this project, UltraSystems provided technical studies in are areas of air quality, noise, geotechnical and traffic.