South Gate Urban Orchard Demonstration Project

Urban Orchard is part of a three-phase project for the City of South Gate.  UltraSystems prepared the Proposal Description and Environmental Screening Form (PD/ESF) for the first phase of the project. This phase plans to provide a safe 7-acre community recreational space to promote healthy lifestyles and create a sense of community. The PD/ESF was prepared to assist the City in obtaining grant funding from the California State Parks and Recreation Department.  With collaboration from the City, the 18-page form was completed to address all questions related to the project.  It also provided descriptive and environmental information, including the following:

  • A description of the proposed project in detail.
  • Information relating to any physical changes in the environment where the urban orchard and community garden would be located.
  • A description of the proposed features and components.
  • A description of any community-related workshops held to obtain input from local residents, including any surveys taken by the City.
  • A list of all funding mechanisms.
  • A checklist of potential environmental resources and the project’s impacts
  • GIS Mapping of the regional vicinity, local vicinity, and project site.


UltraSystems was retained by the City of South Gate to prepare an IS/MND that analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. In addition to the preparation of the CEQA document for the project, the work scope also includes preparation of the following technical analyses: air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and the preparation of a Phase I Cultural Resources Inventory.