MWD PCCP Exploratory Testing and Planning

  • Market:
  • Services: Environmental Exploration, Testing Plan, Traffic Control Plans, Hazardous Materials
  • Client: Enviro Compliance Solutions, Inc.
  • Location: Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

On behalf of Enviro Compliance Solutions, Inc., UltraSystems prepared an Environmental Exploration and Testing Plan and Traffic Control Plans for the Metropolitan Water District’s Second Lower Feeder Pipeline Rehabilitation project that runs approximately 30 miles between Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The purpose of the exploration and testing was to evaluate the presence or absence of petroleum projects or hazardous materials in locations previously identified by UltraSystems for excavation activities associated with the installation of infrastructure components and other pipeline rehabilitation needs. UltraSystems is directing soil boring, soil sampling, and piezometer installations at up to nine boring locations. In addition, UltraSystems is obtaining encroachment, lane closure, and other required permits required to perform the project in compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.