Sunshine Canyon Landfill Mitigation Monitoring

UltraSystems performs mitigation monitoring of the 1,000-acre Sunshine Canyon Landfill for compliance with the conditions of approval required by the City of Los Angeles Ordinance and County of Los Angeles Conditional Use Permit. There are over 400 conditions and mitigation measures that are monitored once or twice a month for air quality, odor, water quality, drainage, geology, landfill design and operations, and safety on the landfill site. In addition to monitoring these conditions and mitigation measures, UltraSystems provides technical assistance as requested to evaluate compliance with all regulatory agencies’ mitigation requirements and corrective actions. Site conditions such as ambient particulate matter (PM10), flare efficiency and biogas collection systems are monitored and assessed. At the County’s request, UltraSystems provided expert technical analysis and peer review of proposed revisions to the Monitoring and Reporting Program (MRP) for groundwater monitoring wells located around the landfill. As independent monitor, UltraSystems prepares quarterly reports that include global positioning systems (GPS) measurements, map preparation, photographs from each site visit and an overall condition status database. The database tracks compliance, non-compliance and issues that need further review. Quarterly reports are submitted to the various stakeholders, and ultimately placed on a public-access City website for public review. Also provided to the City and County are meeting logs that track discussions with the landfill operator. These meetings occur at the conclusion of each site monitoring visit, and include any issues that may need addressing.