Conversion Technology Study and Report for Orange County Waste & Recycling

UltraSystems, as a subcontractor to Clements Environmental Corporation, was part of a consultant team that prepared an evaluation of the feasibility of using various non-combustion-based technologies to convert municipal solid waste to electricity, fuel, and/or other economically useful products at seven candidate landfill sites. UltraSystems was responsible for two key areas of the evaluation. First, we identified and described in detail all the procedures, issues, and potential roadblocks involved in obtaining air permits for the main types of equipment that would be used in conversion processes, and in developing the documentation for CEQA clearance.  After that, UltraSystems performed a “screening initial study” for each of two highest-priority sites. Using the initial study checklist in Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines, we identified impacts that were potentially significant and would have to be evaluated in depth in an environmental impact report.