Los Angeles County Conversion Technologies, Phase II

The objective of this project, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, was to identify and evaluate innovative technologies for converting post-recycling municipal solid waste into energy and/or marketable products, and to do the same for material recovery facilities (MRFs) where the technologies might be located.  UltraSystems assisted in all phases of technology review, including designing vendor questionnaires, reviewing process designs, estimating emissions, and interviewing prospective vendors. UltraSystems toured MRFs in Southern California and helped evaluate their suitability for the program.  One of our major contributions to the project was UltraSystems’ identification of South Coast Air Quality Management District rules and programs that were directly relevant to waste conversion technologies. We also provided step-by-step approaches for obtaining air permits, and described the advantages and disadvantages of options at each step.  Finally, UltraSystems contributed to the draft and final reports to the County.  The ARI team, including UltraSystems, is soon to begin a contract for assisting in Phases III (permitting, design, construction, and operation of one or more demonstration facilities chosen in Phase II) and IV (development of a commercial facility in Los Angeles County).