UltraSystems Environmental Chosen to Prepare CEQA documentation and Initial Studies

Proposed City Hall Building Rendering (Phase II) above.

UltraSystems was honored to prepare a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) compliant review and Initial Study for the City of Fontana’s Civic Center Campus renovation project. The City’s renovation aims to redevelop its downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods and revitalize communal areas for its residents, businesses, and visitors alike. The City of Fontana anticipates that its newly renovated City Hall building will be the focal point for the city and an accessible hub for the entire community.

Proposed Annex Building Rendering (Phase I)

The Civic Center renovation consists of two phases. Phase I constructs a new two-story building within the East Annex (Fire Administration) that will house parking on the first level and offices on the second. During Phase II a new 3-story building will be constructed where the existing one-story City Hall building currently stands. The first story will be mixed use, parking and offices, while the rest of the building will be dedicated to city administrative services. The new spaces will allow Fontana to increase city staff capacity and add new common area facilities like break out meeting rooms and conference rooms.


Proposed Civic Center Site Plan

Initial technical studies were conducted to determine whether the renovation would have significant environmental impacts as part of the CEQA analysis. UltraSystems found that the project would not have a significant impact on the environment. An important goal for the city was protecting sensitive land uses (defined as residential uses, hospitals, schools, libraries and places of worship) from excessive noise through the year 2035 per the City’s General Plan Noise and Safety Element. Given this objective, UltraSystems prepared an ambient noise sampling during the demolition and found a less than significant impact result.

The Civic Center Campus Renovation was made possible through a $15 million grant that the city received in 2022 for the “Building a Better Connected Inland Empire” project from the US Department of Transportation and the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program. The funds from this program were allocated for a wide variety of capital improvement projects throughout the city. Projects such as street improvements including Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School will help residents safely move around the city. Facility projects such as the renovated City Hall and a new community care center for the homeless, will help residents access important services. Fiber optic projects will improve connectivity for businesses and residents throughout the area. And capital improvement projects paired with mixed use projects and the renovation of Center Stage Theater will improve access to retail and entertainment. All of the planned improvements are part of a larger effort by city leaders to breathe new life into downtown.

UltraSystems has a strong working relationship with the City of Fontana and looks forward to being of service once again in support of further development projects in the city. With its newly renovated Civic Center Campus in the heart of downtown, Fontana will continue to thrive economically and re-energize their community.


About City of Fontana

City of Fontana Mission Statement: We seek and embrace every opportunity to enrich the lives of those who live, work, play and invest in the City of Fontana.

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