Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (2008-2010), Bird & Bat Exclusion Monitoring at Bridges

UltraSystems has been providing continuous support and implementation services for bird and bat deterrence monitoring programs on three bridges being seismically retrofited in Los Angeles County for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW).  The bridges cross the Los Angeles and Rio Hondo Rivers at Artesia, Soto, and Florence streets.  The program provided LACDPW is in compliance with the California Fish and Game Code (Section 3503) and Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and it prevents nesting birds and roosting bats from interfering with construction-related activities.  Specific tasks performed by UltraSystems includes installing bird and bat exclusion netting prior to construction, conducting regular on-site monitoring visits and surveys, removing nests that were not active (had no eggs or hatchlings), and preventing birds and bats from roosting or constructing nests in the bridge structures before and during construction.  Bird nesting activities in the river channels and access points were also managed to prevent adverse impacts on birds, such as the Black-necked Stilt, during construction activities.  The three programs successfully allowed construction on the bridges to be completed without interference from issues with birds or bats.