Saint Agnes Medical Center Concept Drawing

UltraSystems is teaming with Cummings Construction to prepare CEQA documents

UltraSystems has been contracted by Cummings Construction to provide all necessary CEQA environmental documentation for the Saint Agnes Medical Center site improvements in Fresno, CA.

Saint Agnes Medical Center has been providing medical care for Valley residents for over 92 years. Originally founded in 1929 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Saint Agnes Medical Center has been and continues to be a leader in cardiovascular care. In more recent years, it has become clear that the hospital needs to expand its footprint in order to continue to provide the best care possible for its community members. This development phase will address the emergency department. The improvements will include the construction of a new building where the existing emergency department patient drop off area is currently located. The emergency department will be housed on the first floor of the state-of-the art 71,000 sq ft building and will include a patient drop off area on the north side of the building. The second floor will be dedicated to administrative spaces. Additional improvements include expanded parking and a healing garden and courtyard.

Saint Agnes Medical Center Concept Drawing

As part of the CEQA documentation, UltraSystems will perform a variety of technical analyses, including but not limited to, air quality, noise, greenhouse gas emissions and land use & planning. A cultural resources analysis report and biological resources analysis will also be completed.

UltraSystems is honored to be part of such an important project for Valley residents. Providing regional access to medical care continues to be a critical part of community development. Saint Agnes Medical Center sees the second largest volume of emergency room patients in all of California. Over the years, staff have also seen an increase in behavioral health patients coming through their doors. The building improvements will help Saint Agnes Medical Center be more efficient and better serve the diverse and growing needs of their community.

Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1929, Saint Agnes Medical Center has provided the highest quality and most compassionate care for Valley residents for over nine decades.

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