UltraSystems Helping to Connect Kings County Commuters to More Transit Opportunities

Preliminary KART sites map above.

After years of planning and construction, the Kings Area Regional Transit (KART) Transit Station in Hanford, CA is scheduled to be completed in June 2025. The final site was chosen following an extensive evaluation process that examined location, parking, multi-modal connectivity, regulatory compliance and environmental considerations. The new KART Transit station will usher in a new era of public transportation in the Central Valley.

Innovative Features of the KART Transit Station

The KART station is set to introduce a range of innovative features that will transform public transportation in Kings County and the surrounding areas. One key feature is the integrated hub of transit options, which will connect local cities’ public transportation, Cross Valley Corridor buses, Amtrak users, and eventually High-Speed Rail users. This seamless connectivity will greatly enhance service efficiency and provide commuters with more convenient and accessible transit options.

Another innovative feature of the KART Transit Station is its design. The building will feature a public plaza and both indoor and outdoor seating, creating a spacious and welcoming environment for commuters. Additionally, the building will offer leasable retail and office space, further contributing to the economic development of the City of Hanford and the region as a whole. Efforts are also being made to incorporate bike racks into the design, promoting multi-modal connectivity and encouraging sustainable and active transportation choices.

Recommended Site Plan Design for northeast and southeast corners of Harris Street and Seventh Street that comply with the City of Hanford’s mixed-use zone designations.

Impact of the KART Transit Station on Local Communities

The construction of the KART Transit Station is expected to have a significant impact on local communities in Kings County. By improving access to transportation options and regional social services, the transit station will enhance the overall quality of life for residents. It will also serve as a catalyst for revitalization and economic development in the City of Hanford and the surrounding region. The increased connectivity provided by the transit station will attract more visitors and businesses, creating new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, the KART Transit Station aligns with California’s larger investments in public transportation. With the completion of the state’s high speed rail project in the Central Valley segment, the KART Transit Station will play a crucial role in connecting passengers to this fast and efficient mode of transportation. This seamless integration of different transit modes will not only benefit local communities but also contribute to the state’s overall transportation network.

Concept design for Transit center south entrance and inside courtyard depictions.

Existing Hanford Amtrak Station and bus transfer area.

Collaboration with Public and Private Sector Partners

The success of the KART Transit Station is made possible through collaboration with public and private sector partners. The funding for the construction of the transit station comes from both federal (35%) and state (65%) sources, highlighting the support and commitment of governmental entities. This collaborative effort ensures that the transit station meets the needs of the community and contributes to the overall transportation goals of the state.

Additionally, the KART Transit station will forge partnerships with local businesses and organizations to enhance the services and amenities offered to commuters. By working together, these partners can create a seamless and enjoyable transit experience for passengers, further boosting the appeal and effectiveness of the transit station.

Future Expansion and Connectivity Plans

The KART Transit Station is not just a standalone project, but part of a larger vision for the future of public transportation in Kings County. As California continues to invest in various transit modalities, the KART Transit Station will serve as a key hub for connecting different modes of transportation. UltraSystems was pleased to play an integral role in the environmental phases of the project by preparing an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND), a Categorical Exclusion (CE), and conducting public outreach sessions to analyze the potential environmental and traffic impacts associated with the new KART station  https://ultrasystems.com/project/kart-transit-station/.

Looking ahead, the KART Transit Station has plans for increased connectivity. By continuously improving and expanding its services, the transit station aims to meet the growing transportation demands of the community. This commitment to adaptability and forward-thinking ensures that the KART Transit Station remains a vital and relevant transportation hub for years to come.

Future bus routes connecting more Central Valley cities together.


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