Concept illustration of Richard T. Steed Memorial Park

UltraSystems Works Hand-in-Hand with the City of San Clemente on Park Improvements

UltraSystems Environmental was chosen by the City of San Clemente to prepare an Initial Study and other relevant environmental documentation for the proposed park improvements at Richard T. Steed Memorial Park.

The existing park is located along the eastern boundary of the City, and adjacent to the Pacific Golf Club, the community of Talega, San Onofre State Beach Park and a small office park. It sits on approximately 31 acres and currently consists of lighted softball fields, batting cages, restrooms, food concession facilities, a skate park, sand volleyball courts and a children’s play area. The Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission solicited feedback from the public after the initial conceptual plans were developed. Following public review and comments, modifications were made before a final plan for the park was approved.

The proposed project will make a number of improvements, including additional parking and restroom facilities, an expanded skate park, pump track facilities, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, an active meadow/multipurpose field, scenic overlook and trellis, outdoor flex classroom/event space, foul ball netting surrounding the baseball fields, a baseball score board, and stairs connecting to a future parking lot. The park enhancements are intended to increase community engagement and provide additional outdoor activity opportunities for local neighborhoods.

Existing baseball and softball fields

Park improvements are trending in City Councils and continue to be on the rise in planning efforts. As City parks age and community interests shift, improvements to local parks are being completed throughout the Southern California region. The rising popularity of pickleball, for example, has encouraged cities and master planned communities to make improvements that incorporate pickleball courts. Our experience working on park projects and local area expertise makes UltraSystems an ideal partner for these park enhancement projects.

Being able to help cities better serve their families in local communities is a source of pride for UltraSystems. The project in San Clemente is sure to drive people of all ages to explore the expanded offerings of Richard T. Steed Memorial Park when completed.

San Clemente is a city in Orange County, California. It’s known for San Onofre and San Clemente state beaches, with their surf breaks and sandstone bluffs.

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