During the planning, construction and operations phases, our noise experts quantify and evaluate the noise generated by facilities as well as their impact on nearby homes, schools, hospitals and other sensitive receptors. Throughout the life of a project, we ensure compliance with the applicable legislation, standards, guidelines and project specifications.

Our noise services include:

  • Noise Control Plans
  • Noise Monitoring Plans
  • Noise contour mapping
  • Noise modeling and monitoring
  • Noise source compliance testing
  • Design of noise abatement measures, including sound walls
  • Exposure criteria, standards and regulations
  • Compliance during construction
  • Noise complaint investigation


“I will personally make sure that the hard work and effort that UltraSystems has shown with the expedited San Diego Creek request is reflected in the scoring/evaluation and that UltraSystems will definitely move up in the ranking.”

Vinh Tran, P.E.

Civil Engineer Project Management, RDMD County of Orange