UltraSystems is contracted with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works to provide as-needed environmental services for various projects throughout the County. Specific task orders are issued by the County, and all services are performed in compliance with Public Works’ policies, procedures, and standards, as well as in accordance with the Scope of Services as defined in the original RFP documents. Since 1994, UltraSystems has managed more than 60 projects for this client. (At upper left, flowering vegetation on the site of an LACDPW project in Palos Verdes Estates.)

A portion of our services involve the preparation of environmental documents, including CEQA/NEPA environmental documents, as necessitated by specific project scopes and master plans.  Specific tasks completed under the contract include:

  • Field, literature, and electronic database reviews;
  • Initial studies;
  • Technical Studies;
  • Documentation; and
  • Public Meetings and Publications.

UltraSystems is also responsible for the preparation of regulatory permit applications and obtaining regulatory permits as necessary by specific project scopes and master plans, which include:

  • Permit application;
  • Specialized studies;
  • Field activities; and
  • Regulatory agency hearings