McKinley Avenue Widening between Hughes and Marks Avenues (PW00843)

The McKinley Avenue widening and complete street project improves infrastructure through widening McKinley in areas that are currently unpaved and adds new infrastructure, including curb, gutter, sidewalk, curb ramps, signal loop detectors, street lights, signage, striping, class II bike lanes, and a HAWK signal at Lafayette. The HAWK signal will be installed across from Jane Addams Elementary School. The majority of the widening occurs on the north side of the roadway, with minor widening on the south side at Marks.

The purpose of this project is to extend the life of existing pavement, extend the roadway to its ultimate configuration through widening to three lanes and improve multimodal travel options through the addition of sidewalks, drainage improvements, curb ramps and the installation of a HAWK signal near the school.

Since the project is partially funded by the Federal Highway Administration (through Caltrans), UltraSystems is preparing five groups of technical studies according to Caltrans protocols: cultural resources (APE map, archaeological survey report, historic resources evaluation report, historic property survey report); noise (field sampling, traffic modeling, noise study report, noise abatement decision report); hazardous materials (initial site assessment); visual impact assessment; and air quality.