La Quinta Single-Family Detached Homes

The Project proposed development of 75 single-family detached homes and associated streets and infrastructure on the approximately 10.65-acre site. The Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (CVMSHCP) is the comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional plan for the purpose of conservation of species and their associated habitats. The project site shares a boundary with the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Conservation Area and it is partially within the conservation area. Electricity and water utilities would be provided from the nearest interconnections. Quail Ridge Partners, LLC contracted with UltraSystems Environmental, Inc. (UltraSystems) to complete a literature review and a reconnaissance-level biological resource survey of the project site and within 500 feet out from the project site (the Biological Study Area [BSA]). UltraSystems’ biologists conducted a habitat assessment, general plant survey, general wildlife survey, jurisdictional assessment, and wildlife movement evaluation within the BSA. UltraSystems also prepared and updated a noise study where we analyzed impacts of short-term construction noise on off-site sensitive receivers and long-term (operational) traffic generated by the project on off-site sensitive receivers. Lastly, UltraSystems provided a paleontological and cultural resources inventory (Phase I) which consisted of background searches (Literature, California Historic Resources Information (CHRIS) and National American Heritage Commission (NAHC), and Tribal), two field surveys, and two survey reports.