MLK Center Active Transportation Infrastructure Project

The purpose of this project is to install active transportation infrastructure around existing and future development (include a new community college) located in Southwest Fresno. The boundaries of the project are South MLK Jr. Boulevard, East Church Avenue, East Jensen Avenue and South Walnut Avenue. Class I trails will be installed on the north side of East Jensen Avenue, from South Knight Avenue to South MLK Jr. Boulevard and on the south side of East Church Avenue from South Walnut Avenue to South MLK Jr. Boulevard. Class II bike paths will be installed on East Church Avenue, East Jensen Avenue, South Walnut Avenue and South MLK Jr. Boulevard. Sidewalks will be installed on the east and west sides of South Walnut Avenue the west side of South MLK Jr. Boulevard. The proposed improvements also include curb and gutter, curb ramps, landscaping, grinding and overlay of asphalt pavement, new signage and striping, traffic signal modification and adjustment of water valve lids and sewer manhole covers to finished grade.  The project will also install storm drain pipe and drainage inlets.

UltraSystems Role (in progress): Caltrans District 6 has prescribed the following cultural resources technical studies to fulfill the requirements of § 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act:

  • Area of Potential Effects (APE) map.
  • Archaeological Survey Report (ASR).
  • Historic Property Survey Report (HPSR).

To date, UltraSystems has conducted a site survey and prepared the APE map.  The ASR and HPSR are in preparation.