Park West Off-Site Storm Drain Project

Contract Highlights: The project entailed a permit review of permits and environmental documents previously acquired for the project to determine whether conditions of the applicable permits would conflict with routine maintenance of the storm drain by the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.

Project description: The Park West Off-Site Storm Drain Project (project) would construct a storm drain outfall into the Perris Valley Storm Drain from a water quality treatment basin that would service the Park West Specific Plan community. The overall project goal is to provide connection of treated flows into the regional conveyance channel (Perris Valley Storm Drain). The project is part of the overall larger , Park West Specific Plan Amendment No. 2. The project activities include permanent discharges of rock, concrete, and native soil for the construction of the headwall for the storm drain outfall structure that terminates at the ordinary high-water mark for the Perris Valley Storm Drain. Additionally, a new storm drain pipeline would be installed. A temporary trench would be excavated to install the new storm drain pipeline, backfilled once complete, and returned to pre-construction contours. The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (RCFCWCD) will maintain the channel once construction is complete.

UltraSystems role on the project: UltraSystems biologists reviewed CEQA compliance documents, permits and/or authorizations from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Los Angeles District), the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Region 8), and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Inland Deserts Region) and analyzed permit conditions to determine if these permits would allow for routine maintenance of the storm drain. As part of their review, UltraSystems also identified missing information that would be required prior to project construction, such as proof of compliance with the Western Riverside MSHCP