The Adams Avenue Affordable Housing Project

  • Market: ,
  • Services: IS/MND, CEQA and Technical Studies
  • Client: National Community Renaissance (NCR)
  • Location: City of Murrieta, CA

The City of Murrieta (City) contracted National Community Renaissance (NCR) to provide planning and design services for the proposed project, which consisted of the construction and operation of a 200-unit, 100 percent affordable multi-family apartment complex composed of three buildings on an approximately 6.2-acre site, located at 24960 Adams Avenue within the City of Murrieta. Two of the buildings will be for multi-family housing and one building will be for senior housing. The project included amenities within the project site including an outdoor pool and spa, children’s playground, community center, community garden, half basketball court, outdoor fitness stations, conversation areas, pet-friendly green space, Boys & Girls Club, and senior center. In addition, the project includes multiple parking lots, the preservation of an existing old oak tree on site and the integration of proposed pedestrian paseos.

NCR contracted UltraSystems to prepare an IS/MND to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). As part of the IS/MND, UltraSystems conducted the Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment, a Biological Resources Assessment, a Cultural Resources Study, and a Noise Impact Assessment. UltraSystems also handled the noticing, distribution and public hearings for the proposed project.